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  • Total Funding: RM2,000 - RM250,000

  • Financing Period: 2 - 10 years

  • Profit Rate (Fixed Rate): 4.99% per annum for loans with a term of 4-10 years and 4.35% per annum for loans with a term of 1-3 years

  • Takaful Protection:  Yes, 13% of the total financing

  • Guarantor: None

  • Collateral: None

  • Deposit: None

  • Registration Fee: RM10

  • Processing Fee: RM100

  • Initial Installment: None

  • Stamp Duty:  0.5% of the financing amount

  • Early Settlement Fee:  None (will be given a rebate (Ibra'))

  • Cooperative Shares (returned): RM200 

  • Charity Donation: RM100 

  • Membership Advance Fee (partly refundable): RM180 (6 months x RM30) 

  • Member's Monthly Fund: None

  • Payment Method: Salary deduction through the Bureau of Space Services (BPA)

REMINDER: The choice of financial products is based on the qualifications and profile you fill in during the matching process. Financial offers and personal financing profit rates may depend on individual risk levels or other criteria (determined by the financial institution). As-Sidq does NOT issue any financial products or charge additional fees to apply for the financial products displayed on this site.


  • Nationality: Malaysian only

  • Age Requirements: 19 - 58 (maximum age at the financing deadline is 60 years)

  • Minimum Monthly Income: RM1,500 gross salary per month (including allowances)

  • Occupation: Employees of the Federal Government, State Government, and statutory bodies only, with a permanent position and have served for a minimum of 6 months (except Military Members)

  • High external commitments are eligible to apply, LPPSA loans are taken into account

  • Overlap Funding and Settlement of Blacklisted Accounts are allowed

  • Salary deductions (including new financing) do not exceed 60% of total income

  • SAA (Special Attention Account):  Not accepted


  • Identification Card (3 copies)

  • Copy of the latest 3 months' salary slip (3 copies per month)

  • Latest settlement statement to settle (overlap) old loan

  • Job confirmation letter 

  • Copy of Maybank Savings Account Statement/Book (1 copy) 

  • Retirement option letter if over 50 years old

  • "Allotment Form" for applicants from Sabah and Sarawak (5 copies)

  • Emolument Letter from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) staff (1 copy)

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