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The Best Financing Solution
For Your Company's Progress

With the best financial plan, able to drive the growth of your company in a better direction. Get the best plan through As-Sidq.

The Best SME Financing For You

Only 3 easy steps for you to get the best SME financing for you


You can read the product details to understand it


Click “Apply Now” to start the online application


Community Credit will review your application. Successful applicants will receive a call from community credit to continue the application process


Capshere Alternative Financing-i

Total financing: RM50,000 - RM100,000

Profit rate: Flat rate 9% - 12% per year

Duration: 6 - 18 months


Setia Factoring Business Financing-i

Total financing: RM10,000 - RM1,000,000

Profit rate: Flat rate 12% per annum

Duration: 3 - 36 months

Setia Factoring Business Factoring-i

Total financing: RM10,000 - RM5,000,000

Profit rate: Flat rate 12%-36% per year

Duration: 3 - 36 months

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