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    • Tempoh Kempen: 1 March 2023 - 31 Dicember 2023

    • Produk: Mumtaz-i & Afdhal-i

    • Kadar Keuntungan:

      • Standard

        • Mumtaz-i: SBR + 2.90% p.a. (equivalent to 3.12% p.a. flat rate at 3 years tenure)

        • Afdhal-i: SBR + 3.05% p.a. (equivalent to 3.20% p.a. flat rate at 3 years tenure)

      • Refinancing

        • ​Mumtaz-i: SBR + 2.80% p.a. (equivalent to 3.06% p.a. flat rate at 3 years tenure)

        • Afdhal-i: SBR + 2.95% p.a. (equivalent to 3.15% p.a. flat rate at 3 years tenure)

    • Standardised Base Rate (SBR) is currently at 3.00%

    • Ceiling Profit Rate is at 15% p.a.

    • Financing Amount: RM 10,000 -RM 400,000

    • Tenure: 2 - 10 Years

    • Security Deposit:  Waived

    • Payment Method:  Only through salary deduction via Biro ANGKASA, Accountant General (AG), or Employer.


Payment Table

Terms and Conditions

Product Disclosure Sheet


REMINDER: The choice of financial products is based on the qualifications and profile you fill in during the matching process. Financial offers and personal financing profit rates may depend on individual risk levels or other criteria (determined by the financial institution). As-Sidq does NOT issue any financial products or charge additional fees to apply for the financial products displayed on this site.


  • Citizenship: Malaysian only

  • Age Requirement: Must be a Malaysian Citizen of at least 19 years old (Public Sector)/ 21 years old (Private Sector) and not exceeding 60 years old upon the expiry of the facility or opted retirement age, whichever comes first;

  • Pendapatan Bulanan Minima: Minimum monthly income of RM3,000 (inclusive of gross salary, fixed allowance and other non-fixed income);

  • Work Sector: Permanent/ contract employee of Government, GLCs, local councils, and selected private companies having salary deduction arrangements with the Bank;

  • Must open Current Account-i/ Saving Account-i (CASA-i) with the Bank;

  • Must subscribe to Group Credit Family Takaful (GCFT) coverage and other Banca Takaful/ Wealth products with the Bank;

  • AM-PM disbursement’ applies for any complete PF-i applications submitted before 12.00 p.m. will be disbursed on the same day. Any applications submitted after 12.00 p.m. will be disbursed on the next working day.

MBSB Personal Financing Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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