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Special salary deduction financing for civil servants from Public Islamic Bank with PIBB Bal Al-Einah

PIBB Bal Al-Einah is a financing facility that allows you to enjoy greater financial flexibility. It is part of our efforts to facilitate our customers' needs for Islamic financing under the Al-Bainah Shariah concept.


Public Islamic Bank BAI Al-Einah

Total financing: RM5,000 - RM350,000

Duration: 24 - 120 months

Profit Rate (Fixed)

  • RM50,00 < (5.20%),

  • RM50,000-RM200,00 (4.65%),

  • RM200,000-RM350,000 (3.99%)


    • Nationality: Malaysian only

    • Age Requirements: Minimum 20 - 58 years

    • Minimum Monthly Income: RM1,500 gross salary per month

    • Occupation: Government employees only

    • Duration: Minimum duration 24 months, Maximum duration 120 months

    • Total Funding: RM5,000 - RM350,000

    • Maximum deduction of 60% of monthly salary including fixed allowance

    • Customers with Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and D & E scores are not eligible

    • Poor CCRIS behavior according to the UN standard definition of "Unsatisfactory CCRIS" does not qualify

    • The Debt Service Ratio (DSR) cannot exceed 60%, unless:

      • Must have at least 3 years of service

      • CCRIS does not fall under the UN standard definition of "Unsatisfactory CCRIS".

      • Existing personal financing customers requesting a top-up must have a financing record of at least 6 months with the Bank

      • Net RAMCI search results without references Credit /Trade matched under Utilities, Telco, Singer, MARA, Courts, Azio E-pay, motorcycle financing, etc.

      • Other supporting factors deemed appropriate by the Head Office Approving Party (e.g. Savings or other income such as ASN/ASB/Tabun Haji account statement, copy of tenancy agreement, overtime as shown on salary slip for 6 months at 70%, etc. )

    • Profit Rate (Fixed)

      • RM50,00 < (5.20%),

      • RM50,000-RM200,00 (4.65%),

      • RM200,000-RM350,000 (3.99%)

    • Takaful Protection: Yes (Takaful Ikhlas Family Berhad)

    • Collateral: N/A

    • Deposit: N/A

    • Processing Fees: N/A

    • Advance Payment: No

    • Stamp duty:

      • Stamp duty on Asset Sale Agreement -Ad Valorem

      • Stamp duty on Letter of Offer -RM10.00 each

    • Wakalah Charge: Calculated when PF-i is approved

    • Early Settlement Fee: None

    • Late Payment Charges: Handled by the collection team

      Payment Method: Salary deduction through the Space Bureau


Bai Al-Einah Bank Public Islamic Product Disclosure Eid (English)

REMINDER: The choice of financial products is based on the qualifications and profile you fill in during the matching process. Financial offers and personal financing profit rates may depend on individual risk levels or other criteria (determined by the financial institution). As-Sidq does NOT issue any financial products or charge additional fees to apply for the financial products displayed on this site.


    • BAE AG-i application form

    • BPA Space Form 1/79

    • Candidate information form

    • Salary deduction authorization letter

    • Copy of Identity Card

    • 3 months salary slip

    • PIBB additional form

    • Funding application

    • Acknowledgment form

    • Personal financing product disclosure sheet-i BAE (signed by the SME)

    • Permission letter

The Best SME Financing For You

Only 3 easy steps for you to get the best SME financing for you


Fill in the Personal Financing-i Public Islamic Bank Berhad (PIBB) application form and your personal details along with complete documents online.


We will process your application within a week and wait for the application decision from PIBB.


If the application is approved, you only need to go to the nearest PIBB branch to open an account for the purpose of withdrawing your financing.

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